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The design of any memorial is based on the shape and size of the stone. Patten’s large selection of designs, gives you great flexibility in creating a pleasing layout. If a particular design you don’t see in our selection strikes your eye, Patten’s team of artists will work with you to make your own headstone engraving. If you can imagine it – Patten’s can do it.


Custom Designs

We have the capabilities to design a wide variety of custom artwork and etchings to enhance the beauty of any memorial.

Does a certain subject or picture of something immediately bring you thoughts of a loved one? If you can bring it in or describe it to us, our team of artist will create a special design for your monument. We have the capabilities to create almost any line art, hand etching, or pin etched design for your memorial and take great pride in accurately representing the legacy of yourself or a loved one. 

headstone engraving - line art carving


Patten’s highly skilled artists work directly with you to both design and craft your legacy.

headstone engraving - pin etching

Pin Etchings

Pin Etching is one of the new services offered by Patten’s and is one of the best for creating exact replicas of your photos on stone. In this design process we take the photo of your choosing and edit it to your liking. Then the image is ran through a computerized machine that etches your selection in extremely fine detail. This service is only available on Jet Black granite.

headstone engraving - custom artwork

Hand Etchings

Patten’s has a staff of very talented artists that can imagine any design or image you have in mind for your monument or memorial. Here is a glimpse of just some of the many custom pieces they have completed. Create a headstone engraving based off one of these designs contact us with your ideas.

I can’t say enough nice things about this family business. Our stone was over 3 years in the making…we changed our minds a lot about what we needed. They were patient and kind, and our headstone is a beautiful work of art. Thanks so much!!!

Louise Crist

Thank you all so very much for the kind, caring service you provided to our family.

Koutz Family

Thank you for your patience and kindness as you worked with us to select our headstone. It turned out perfect and we are all happy with it.

Houschild Family


Take a walk through our design process to see how your memorial is made.   The Design Process >>